The iconic Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is being threatened by privatization and we must to put a stop to it! The City's Recreation and Parks Department recently accepted three concept proposals for a new long-term tenant who will lease and develop the Palace's Exhibit Hall (former home of The Exploratorium) for the next 55 years. Two of the proposals call for the Hall to house boutique hotels along with various amenities geared towards the hotels' guests, while the third focuses on a high-end restaurant and police/firefighter museum. None of the proposals retains the site as the place of art and education that San Franciscans have come to know, nor do they keep it the important community asset which serves the people of the entire Bay Area.


We are calling for the City to reject the current proposals and instead focus on finding a new tenant who will honor the legacy of this historic site.




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The Current Plans

Read Summaries of the three chosen proposals, as well as the original Request for Concept Proposals:


- Proposal One

- Proposal Two

- Proposal Three

- Request for Concept Proposals


We feel strongly that the process for choosing a new tenant for the Palace was deeply flawed from the beginning. Financial requirements in the Request for Concept Proposals made it virtually impossible for any group which depends on fundraising or grants for their operations -- which all art or education related groups do -- to compete against more monied interests. As it stands now, it appears the three competing proposals are nothing more that the privatization of a public resource.

Take Action

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are who will ultimately approve or reject the new Palace Lease deal. We encourage you to contact your District Supervisor to express your opposition to the three proposals:


Eric Mar Dist. 1 (415) 554-7410

Mark Farrell Dist. 2 (415) 554-7752

Aaron Peskin Dist. 3 (415) 554-7450

Katy Tang Dist. 4 (415) 554-7460

London Breed Dist. 5 (415) 554-7630

Jane Kim Dist. 6 (415) 554-7970

Norman Yee Dist. 7 (415) 554-6516

Scott Wiener Dist. 8 (415) 554-6968

David Campos Dist. 9 (415) 554-5144

Malia Cohen Dist. 10 (415) 554-7670

John Avalos Dist. 11 (415) 554-6975


If you live outside of the San Francisco area but still wish to comment, we suggest you call the main Board of Supervisors' line at (415) 554-5184 and let your opinion be heard!




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Palace History

Explore the history of the Palace of Fine Arts and the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915 for which it was first created:


- Home of the Exploratorium

- Love the Palace

- The PPIE

- 3d Images from the Exposition




- Observer


- SF Examiner

- SF Chronicle


Saving the Palace will take a huge effort and we need all the help we can get! We need people who can go out into our community and raise awareness about the proposed changes, as well as engage our City officials. Whether you have only an hour or a whole day, we have a volunteer opportunity for you!

Feel free to contact us at for more information.